The 1st Wall? Time. 

I read about my dream job a few hours ago.

Application deadline <48 hours away. 

Does a single, working new Mom need sleep? Not if it means sacrificing a shot at a Marie Forleo interview. 

The 2nd Wall? Technology.

I've been in contact with the staff, but it seems there are issues with the application submission link.  I created this page so you know that I never miss a deadline

Marie Forleo, This Is For You. 

Part 1: Why Do I Want to Work With You?

You are at the top of your game. But it's not a game to you. You change people's lives in a big way. You take that seriously. I want to be an indispensable part of a team that helps ordinary do extraordinary things. 

For this particular position, I'd rather show than tell why I want to work for you. 


Scripted, cast, staged and shot-under 12 hours. Learned to use iMovie and edited clips -under 3 hours. Budget <$20. Each scene done in 2 takes. All for a shot at an interview with Marie Forleo. #heymariehireme

Part 2: Cover Letter

Visual technologies I've taught myself or learned quickly:

Wireframe Creation & Manipulation

Content Management Systems (Drupal)

Squarespace Site Design



Rebel t3i


PowerPoint, Presi

Mail Chimp, Constant Contact

Blackbaud Products

Blackboard Educational Technology

Visual Experience

Art Direction

Digital Portrait Gallery Curation 

User-end Website Handbook Creation

Presentation Creation (Standard & Interactive)

Newsletter Creation


Photo Editing

Dear Marie and Team:

You’ve already described me so well that it’s almost scary.

I pour my heart and soul into my work. No job is too small or too daunting. I take care of my team. And I want to learn and grow -forever more.

I started my career as a biologist and educator, teaching difficult concepts in approachable and visually compelling ways.

If you can keep teenagers engaged with Newtons 2nd Law of Motion, you can engage anyone.

I transformed myself into a nationally known public relations and marketing consultant, and entered the world of entrepreneurship. I learned every skill and technology needed to thrive.

I wrote a blog post about how I built a brand and showcased it. Less than 1 year later, the organization’s leadership invited me to present at their annual conference. The Topic: Bold Moves.

I’ve created visual educational, inspirational and promotional materials in multiple formats on collegiate and national levels. My most compelling work has always been for non-profits, small business and dreamers. Because it all comes down to connecting souls that need each other.

I’m ready to commit my talents to your team. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Forest Dawn Featherston 


Part 3: Work Sample

Bottom Line

To borrow a bit from Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, it doesn't really matter right now where I'll sit on the bus.

 Just give me a seat.


You Are Extraordinary. You Eschew Mediocrity.