Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it’s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.
— Sir Ken Robinson, author

forest Featherston, President & Chief Communicator


Working with me goes like this...

Project components are expertly juggled, landing in just the right spot - at just the right time.

Milestones are surpassed with gusto. I scoff at obstacles and lead my team across the finish line. We celebrate victories together. 

The ideation radio is always playing. If there is a better solution, I'll find it. 

My left brain demands data-driven results. My right brain demands an innovative approach.  They do not compromise.

Integrity is my true north.

Strategic persuasion, individualization and authentic networking are not sold separately.  Woo is just what I do.


Whether it's managing a multi-faceted IT project or designing a comprehensive communications strategy, I go beyond what is obvious and expected. My approach is always targeted and results-driven, focusing on making my clients exceptional.

Over fifteen years of experience in management, public relations, marketing, advertising and education have allowed me to forge a very unique career path.  Integrity, leadership and creativity have consistently helped me surpass ordinary. 

I have a knack for making things happen and for bridging gaps in communication. From consumers to the the C-suite, I've got you covered.