Walking Out with More than the Photos

12 Career & Life Improvements from 1 "Photography" Workshop

The Setting:  2013 Public Relations Society of America Counselor's Academy Conference

Pre-Convention Workshop: "Creative Braise" 


In full PR/Marketing mode, I walked into this workshop expecting 2 things:

  1.  New mobile device photography tips.
  2.  Fresh content creation ideas for clients with tight budgets.

During the workshop, my brain was firing left and right with ideas for improved branding efforts, fresh blogs, and enriched social media. The photos I took in the quick-fire photo assignments improved drastically with each lesson on unique angles, areas of contrast, tonalities, and shadows.

Before: Really Bad

After: Much Better

Re-reading Creative Braise notes several weeks later, I had an “Aha!” moment. Strip away the technical details, and the lesson was essentially about perspective and perception - applicable to your career and your life.

My brain experienced a frameshift.

Read these tidbits (taken verbatim from my notes) and see what you think.

  1. Comfortable is not the best fit. Push yourself further.
  2.  There is nothing as creative as a deadline.
  3. Scale is a critical element. 
  4. You need areas of contrast. 
  5.  Simplicity is more poignant. 
  6. Negative space makes things more powerful. 
  7. Lighting and tonality cut through the clutter. 
  8. Set things up so that people can use their imagination to complete them. 
  9. Manipulation can occur by changing the distance between the source and the object.
  10. Consider all the possible angles. 
  11.  Keep in mind both the foreground and the background. 
  12. Most people won’t read your text anyway. ;) 

These 12 notes effectively guide me in project management, client relations, and team building each week.  And in my daily personal life. 

Boy did I underestimate that workshop.