The Truth About Mergers and Acquisitions - with Chuck Tanowitz

 In a world full of inauthentic networking, overly practiced elevator speeches, and colleagues rattling off talking points, the candidness with which members of PRSA's Counselors Academy speak about business ownership/management is quite refreshing. 

Chuck Tanowitz, Vice President HB Agency, took an hour out of his day last week to candidly discuss his upcoming CAPRSA Spring Conference presentation "Taking the Leap: Growth Through M&A. The Why's, When's, How's, and What's".  Any interview that starts with a friendly "on the record/off the record" clarification generally provides some wonderfully juicy tidbits of information, and this one did not disappoint. 

 In short:  If you have ever thought about growth and/or exit strategies for your small to mid-sized agency, then you do not want miss this.  (If you haven't, then stop reading right here and register for the conference immediately.) 

In more detail:  Every agency owner faces the question: do we grow on our own or join with another group? The decision is different for everyone, but this is the story of how two Boston agencies (Fresh Ground and HB Agency) became one. How they met, the pitfalls they faced and how they're growing. The opportunity had major positives and negatives for both.  

Great press releases and videos were created during there merger, but there is definitely more to the story. On Monday, May 5th you can hear what Chuck has learned in the months before and after the merger. 

  • Moving from idea to reality- the benchmarks for when the time is right
  • Starting the right conversations and establishing trust 
  • Opening your books with another agency
  • The weight of responsibility to employees
  • The delicate task of merging office cultures
  • Getting existing clients on-board with changes
  • Impacts of transitioning from owner to employee- personal, professional, & emotional
  • Having time to refocus on public relations and let go of business operations


Chuck credits his CAPRSA colleagues for motivating him to honestly present what he's learned throughout this process, and for giving him important #KEYS for leading a thriving, healthy organization over the past few years. 


Mr. Chuck Tanowitz
Vice President, HB Agency
Newton, MA
(617) 575-9643
Twitter Handle: ctanowitz
Chuck Tanowitz is vice president of PR and editorial services with HB Agency, an integrated marketing agency based in Newton, Mass. He co-founded Fresh Ground, Inc., a PR and social media shop that was acquired by HB in September 2013.