Upcoming PRSA Counselor's Academy - May 4-6 Key West, FL

Welcome to my shameless plug for the upcoming PRSA Counselor's Academy Spring Conference scheduled for May 4-6 in Key West, Florida.

I attended the conference for the first time last year, and it was a truly extraordinary experience. I'll be posting more about my "newbie" experience in the next few weeks. It truly was one of the top professional experiences of my career.  More about that later...

The theme this year is The Keys to Agency Management. (Clever little play on words, eh?) 

As managers, we rely on research and instinct daily.  I'll quickly employ a little of both to help persuade you to join us this year. 

Research tells me that May in the Keys registers average highs around 85 degrees and average lows around 70 degrees. With 13 glorious hours of daylight. 

Instinct tells me this conference will be attended by an array of brilliantly fascinating people who can toss back a few margaritas as adeptly as they can redirect a haywire press conference.  

Yet again, the conference schedule is full of amazingly talented and inspirational speakers. The networking will be top-notch.  And did I mention: May? Key West? 85 degrees?

Read more details and register on the conference website

We'll be posting speaker interview and blogs for the next 10 weeks. Please stay tuned via this website, Facebook and Twitter (@caprsa and #CAPRSA). Spread the word. Knowledge (and Cinco de Mayo parties) are always best when shared. 

Do yourself a favor and don't wait 10 weeks to register. Go ahead. In the words of the great Tom Haverford (fellow South Carolina native and public relations mastermind):  "Treat Yo Self".    Best Conference of the Year.