A Preview: Learn the Business Case for Good CSR

Guest blog by my colleague, Jason Spenger, previewing an extraordinary panel of CAPRSA members at this year's spring conference. 

By: Jason Sprenger, APR  President- Game Changer Communications


More and more organizations are making a concerted effort to incorporate social responsibility into their corporate culture, and these good deeds are being richly rewarded.  Studies have shown that consumers have very high expectations that the companies they do business with will be a good corporate citizen.  And 42% of professionals surveyed recently reported that an organization’s participation in charitable activities is at least somewhat of a factor in their decision to work there.  Remarkably enough, good CSR isn’t just a coincidence!


In Key West, we’ll have a panel to talk about the business case for accepting the mantle of social responsibility with grace and enthusiasm.  Abbie Fink, vice president and general manager of HMA Public Relations, will moderate a panel of PR and CSR heavyweights:

·         Aaron Blank, president and CEO at The Fearey Group in Seattle

·         Nancy Page, executive vice president at Buchanan Public Relations in Ardmore, PA

·         Esther Buchsbaum, chef de la direction and managing partner at Energi PR in Toronto and Montreal


By the end of the session, among other things, you’ll be able to:

·         Formulate a CSR program that directly reflects your firm’s culture

·         Describe your agency’s commitment to CSR

·         Explain to clients and prospects that CSR is about doing what's right simply because it is the right thing to do, and not just because it’s good for business

·         Devise strategies for taking the high road in difficult and divisive situations


This session will be Monday, May 5 at 3:30 p.m.  Join us there!




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