I have extensive experience working with business executives, small businesses and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives looking to take their work to a broader audience.  I've worked with thought leaders in politics, education, music, animal welfare, visual arts, community engagement, biotech, engineering, architecture, hospitality, advertising, social justice, and dozens more. I'm a quick learner and love jumping in with both feet ready to run. Here are some ways I can help you:


Brainstorming Sessions

In these 2 hours session, we go through your primary areas of concerns and run through goals, priorities and tactical solutions. I can serve as a sounding board in regards to any issues you face in your business communications. From employee management issues to website and social media content tweeks, we can go through whatever is on your mind.

1 hour sessions can be scheduled as needed to address any additional issues that come up as you work through solutions we designed in a Brainstorming Session.


Website & Social Media Tutorials

Customized sessions in which I give you the 411 on what's most applicable to your industry and situation. I teach you how improve upon your existing platforms and/or create new ones. If you chose to hire outside help, I can help you vet candidates and companies. 


Strategic Design

Customizable sessions and packages designed with the end goal of creating monthly and yearly communication plans in line with your business goals. Schedules and clear objectives we determine together will keep everything running smoothly and eliminate confusion and procrastination. 


Public Representation

I can speak publicly, attend industry or networking functions or serve as a community liaison in a variety of settings to expand your business presence. 


Content Creation & CopyWriting

Newsletters, social media posts, website content, customer correspondence and numerous other business communication content can be authored in your voice. 

Have another problem you need solved? Just ask!