"Forest managed two large projects at the same time: a new website for the Foundation and a branding campaign for the entire library system. With the website, Forest managed four different teams (IT, Foundation, Graphic Designer and Marketing Firm) with the grace and calmness of a 30+ year marketing executive.  The project finished ahead of time and to everyone's satisfaction. She went above the call of duty and trained the Foundation staff on editing the website and created an user's manual. I can't say enough about Forest's professionalism, dependability, and skill set. "

-Jenni Gaisbauer, Executive Director

"As a fellow marketing professional, when I ask Forest's advice on a marketing piece, she immediately zeros in on the key element it's missing.  Her feedback helps me better communicate what changes need to be made on my own internal team."

-Blakely Chickhliker, Senior National Marketing Manager

"Forest Featherston is now our preferred contract project manager for marketing initiatives that require intellect, expertise, and a broad range of creative skills. 

Her leadership and project management of our campaign to collect photos and meaningful stories of impact from real library customers for a re-branding initiative was superb. She completes task on time and is highly dependable and trustworthy -- we always know she can be counted on to keep our projects moving forward. She also has a great blend of both "soft" and "hard" skills -- Forest can manage delicate relationships and still dig into the technical aspects of a project."

-Sarah Goldstien, Marketing & Communications Specialist

"Forest came to our organization to assist in streamlining our operations and integrating marketing and messaging into all that we do. Our clinical productivity and fundraising greatly increased and we began a massive campaign under her direction. If she still lived in California, I'd be cutting into my personal salary to hire her myself!"

-Ryan Altman, Executive Director 

"Forest has been a wonderful extension of our team for more than a year. If I could hire her full-time, I would in a heartbeat!  We kept her on as a contractor to help with several high-profile and high-importance projects.  She dives right in and delivers great results with high integrity."

- Cordelia Anderson, APR, Director of Marketing & Communications


"Forest showed great leadership in the website project. This was quite a difficult task to undertake, but Forest handled it exceptionally well. She was able to make sure everyone completed their tasks and pushed for deadlines to be met. She managed every aspect of the project from start to finish. 

As the project neared deadlines, Forest realized she would have to step in to get some of the content published. She was able to learn the Drupal CMS very quickly and helped complete the project on time." 

-Michael Bartlett, Senior IT Programmer/Analyst 

"Forest is an invaluable asset to our organization. Forest did not simply provide and advise us with great ideas. She fully participated in implementing them throughout each stage of the process. She stepped in to provide accountability and answer continuous questions when they arose. "

-Christy M Schumacher, Chief Operating Officer 

"Forest is an effective manager with an open communications style. She established good rapport with everyone involved on the project. I found her to be a good team player and a reliable professional. 

Forest has shown the kind of initiative, which is necessary to be successful managing long term projects. She has excellent leadership and task management skills, and remained focused on the overall needs of the client."

-Robert Watson, Photographer

"Forest Featherson is the consummate professional. She is pleasantly direct and aware of her boundaries, which is very refreshing.  I highly recommend her for her ability to smoothly handle any project given. I would work with her again in a heartbeat."

-Angela Haigler, Marketing & Communications Specialist

"Forest's creative vision, combined with her clear focus on communication goals, have enabled our organization to find a unified voice in our messaging. Her personable approach to strategy and brainstorming is very engaging and inspiring to those with whom she interacts.

- Mark Boone, Communications Specialist

"Forest is an excellent leader. She posses a strong vision and the courage to take risks to achieve results. As the project manager for the campaign, Forest created a team environment where I felt supported and encouraged to do my best work.  Forest taught me how to diffuse potentially tense situations with respect and humor, deliver a consistent message to staff about the project, and think creatively to solve problems."

-Leanda Gahegan, Librarian